Robert Fathers Hi and welcome to my blog! Through my blog I plan to share some of my current projects and show you how oak framed buildings are made and constructed. Oak is a beautiful, strong and sustainable material. If you're thinking about using green oak for a new construction within your home I hope my blog will be of assistance to you. By following my blog you'll be able to see how I work and my level of detailed craftsmanship and finish. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and should you wish to discuss any project you have in mind please contact me for an informal chat about your plans. I will be very happy to help you in anyway I can. Kind regards, Rob

Green Oak Log Store

Posted by Robert Fathers on Thursday, July 21, 2011 Under: Current Projects
This isn't any old log store, this is a green oak framed log store ! 

I have a couple of projects I'm currently undertaking I wish to share with you. I'll show you each stage of construction so you can see each project as it develops.

I cut and work the frame on site throughout all stages of it's development, this gives my client a real sense of involvement, understanding and appreciation of the work I undertake. I believe it's really important to involve client's throughout the project build, not only does it give them a sense of what's happening and what's planned it also gives them a greater understanding of the traditional method of timber framed construction.

Traditional oak framed construction is a craft that has been in existence for many hundreds of years, the resilience and longevity of timber framed buildings being demonstrated by many examples of this work still going strong 300-400 years later.  You only have to visit my home city of York to see many examples of timber framed buildings still standing and continuing to display fantastic beauty and character.


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